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Brantley Gilbert is riding across the States to Arlington for Memorial Day as part of the “Folds of Honor” ride, which provides scholarships to kids who have lost parents in battle. Brantley Gilbert will ride his Harley to the diner as a “rest stop” and perform for a small audience of SiriusXM subscribers.



Bottoms Up



Brantley Gilbert is tearing up the road to Country music with his upcoming album JUST AS I AM (The Valory Music Co.), which is already burning up the airwaves and ushering in summer with his first new work in four years. Like the album’s title, the songs are an expression of who he is at this time in his life. The rings, the chains, the faith, the no apologies—“If You Want A Bad Boy,” you’ll find one in Brantley’s first song on his new album. Love him or not, his latest offering is JUST AS I AM and it is an album of unforgettable memories—for him and everyone who hears it.

Brantley doesn’t just write songs, he shares from the heart the chapters of his life through music. He is adamant about the fact that the devoted “BG Nation” is made up of his friends, not fans. He’s created a high-energy, in-your-face collection with plenty of adrenaline and testosterone. He also evokes a softer connection, proving a tough guy can be tender, too. No matter the song, he plays the guitar like an extension of his voice—an ebb and flow of emotion that resonates with millions.

Well-worn denim, metal in many forms and a pulled-down ball cap may frame Brantley, but the true art comes from what you don’t see. “I sing for the people who have helped me do my thing,” he says. His inspiration for writing comes from all aspects of his life, but he knows when he gets an “ear worm” it is a song that he needs to write now; he just has to give it legs and wings. That’s just what happened with Brantley’s #1 single “Bottoms Up.”

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